Thursday, August 6, 2009

Socks: The Evil Cat

I know it may seem how can a cat be evil.
You you think that you have not meet socks!
Socks looked like the Cat in the Picture.
Anyway, she started out as a great cat. Before a horrible thing happened.
She started treating the whole house as her litter box.
Then, she started escaping to play with the other Kitty Kats. They ate KIT KAT WITHOUT ME! Socks started to steal my kit kat too. The Next Day I started Eating Jello. The Rainbow Kind with Teko. I was enjoying it. Next Socks, had eat my rainbow Jello. But, the worst thing happened yet.
It turns out the Jello speed up her digestive system and Socks did her litter box thing on a bed.
But, It was no ordinary bed it was brand new and new sheets were just put on it.
So, I cleaned up the mess, and put Sock outside so she could learn a lesson. She played with her little kitty friends. Socks came back to the house injured.
The Vet bills cost a lot of money for an unloving evil cat.
One week later, Sock escaped the house and the neighbors were cleaning their RV with Jello, but anti freeze leaked everywhere.
Socks drank it and POOF she was Dead.
I don't miss her. Now I have a Dog named Dogzilla aka Daisy!
This is Neko signing out to play with Dogzilla!
Which would win in a cuteness contest? Dogzilla or The Cat that looks like Sock!

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