Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In the Spotlight: Cool Shows

When, we are not looking for News we eat, and sleep, BUT we also watch T.V. We are going to tell you some of our Favorite Shows, In our very first Episode of SPOTLIGHT!
Our first Show is Monk!
The Show stars Adrian Monk who is a detective, He is compulsive which means he has to have everything just right, For example: If he sees a piece of dirt on the wall, he will clean it up immediately, But, Adrian is Brilliant solving crimes easily. The Shows shows humor, and has little violence. Also, the actors are brilliant and the show gets into the pain of Adriane's lose for his beloved wife Trudy.
I would say this is a comedy. Rated PG

Our Next Show is called Lie to Me!
It's about a company that solves mysteries. (Really Hard Ones) That even the F.B.I. can't solve. Instead of looking for clues, they look for clues on people faces. So, they can tell what someone's emotions are and if they are telling lies. Using Science and how their muscles move without them knowing. This show is more serious unlike Lie to Me and has more Gorey references, (Doesn't show it, really just talks about it)
It's a show that will keep you at your feet, the story twists all the time so, you'll never get bored. Rated 14A for language

Our next show is THE UNIT
The unit, is about special agents that not even the Police know about, The show shows some combat and saving lives, It also has lots of shooting and blood, more recommend for 11 over. They also go undercover to capture huge criminals and drug dealers. It's more of an action show, They go into different countries, sometimes if their is a leak in the unit, people will go to high lengths (terrorists , sleepers etc.) to try to get ride of some of The Units members because they shut them down. In one episode a group shut down all of the towns water and replaced it with poisonous gas to try to kill a member of the unit. (So, gas was coming out of sinks and sprinklers)
Rated 8+

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is about F.B.I. agents solving mysteries, one of the members is deaf so she reads lips, It's a good show with not any violence, and is mainly about shutting down major drug dealers, the show also stars Levi, the super cute dog which is Sue's Hearing Dog!
Rated 8+

Hope you enjoyed this episode of SpotLight!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Big Screen TV located in Future Shop!

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