Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Everyone has heard of Twitter,
Celebs do it, Cheese does it.
Even Wolverine Does it.
Twitter can be fun,
But It is soooo Annoying when people write Junk about their Lives. I mean Junk Like Who's Going to Care Junk.
For Example:

Bob Kid:
10:00am: Woke Up
10:01am Yawned
10:02am Went washroom
10:03am flushed toilet
10:04am washed hands
10:05am ate breakfast
10:06am felt breakfeast go down throat
10:07am digested breakfeast
10:08am went washroom again
10:09am Flushed Toilet
10:10am washed Hands

See how boring this is? Who wants to read that? What an exciting Ten minutes.
Mostly People follow Celebs on it.
Only One Person Follows Bob Kid. (Person Who follows every single person)
Anyway, This is What Wolverine's Twitter would look like!


10:00am woke up
10:01am drank beer
10:02am smoked while drinking beer
10:03am drank another glass of beer
10:04am drank beer
10:05am drank beer
10:06am got drunk
10:07am drank more beer
10:08am drank beer
10:09am typed all this Junk onto twitter
10:10am spilled beer on key board
10:11am licked beer off keyboard

Now that is actually worth reading. That's just sooo Exciting and meaningful.
Much Better than Bob Kids. Seriously Though, who wants to read about someone Going Washroom and Digesting Food?

This is Neko and Teko: Beware of Twitter addicts Like Bob Kid
Read cool Twitter people Like Wolverine!
Don't read the Blue Guy. Example: 10:00am - 12:00am ate a sandwich

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