Monday, August 17, 2009

Bird Perfume "Flys Away?"

This Perfume is by Aerie By American Eagle. So the Perfume is called Aerie the Scent by Aerie by American Eagle Weird Huh? Anyway, we were on the scene, Neko and Teko. Inspecting a American Eagle store that had just got a shipment of this Super Expensive perfume stuff. ($40 a bottle) It had all been stolen. No Broken Windows, No Fingerprints, Nothing. The Perfume has a really nice scent. But how could it be stolen? Suddenly, The King of Cheese... ( He is a really famous detective so famous we have never heard of him.) Stated..."Wait, Crick Me a Clue, Oh My Pickle Juice Jars of Evil Strawberries, It has a bird on top, what if the murder of fruit has a bigger plan in mind, maybe he took the birds on top of the perfume and used them to Fly away, I notice the sales went up this season, due to sweaty armpits, I think he somehow programed the birds to fly away with the perfume maybe he plans to sell them on the black market? I think they call him Carl, we must find his Real Identity and Find out what this has to due with the murdered fruit." He said in ONE breath. Boy, this guy is good.
We Neko and Teko, will try to keep your updated hopefully, this guy Carl will be brought to Justice. Anyway, Don't buy Aerie Perfume since it costs $40 a bottle just to have it fly away may not be the smartest thing.
We put together a list who we think Carl may be:
-Iron Man
Okay, It's probably not any of them...
Sorry, we are not very good at Detective Work.
Maybe... Carl is a certain person who doesn't like a certain Striped shirt person.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Scene of the Crime. (The Bird Perfume crime)

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