Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Evil MacBook Of Doom

The Mac book is evil, Well, Not all mac books but this one. Okay not this Precise one but one that looks like it, One person bought a mac book from a store, The only thing different about it from the rest was It had a dark black X on the back. If you turn it on, all there will be is a picture of the Thing, No internet, no programs, just the Thing.
People are starting to think, that there are more defected mac books out there.
We just got a report that TWO minutes ago the Mac book called out doom and turned into cheese, then into a mutant burger. The Man poured beer on the burger and it disappeared. Is the Thing being framed? Is Reed Richards behind it? Because if you really think about it, The Thing is super dumb. Ewww, Reed Richards can stretch any part of his body. The Police went to his Lab to investigate. Sure enough Reed Richards had stored mac Books and Mutant Burgers, He planned to take over the world. I thought He was super smart. He still shipped out 10000 macbooks so is you see a macbook CALL THE POLICE.
This is Neko and Teko reporting From the Apple store.
Teko is looking at I-tunes Gift cards. (LOL!)

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