Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Thing Grunts

The Thing Grunts: It's all over the news, and on the 32 page of newspapers.
At 2am when the Thing was brushing his teeth and shaving, he just grunted for no odd reason. Then he grunted again the world went into chaos for 322seconds.
His Pants fell off, and were eaten by The Human Torch's Children (he married Britney Spears) They ate his pants, So The Thing that was his only pair of pants, so he had to go onto the street in no pants to buy more. He Grunted again. The Thing wanted revenge so he went into the Human Torch's Room, there he dressed the human torch into a skirt. The Human Torch just burned it off. Then he burned off the Thing's ears that's why he has no ears. He also took some of his Rocks for his Rock Collection. The Thing then when mental grunted like a cow and put on Johnny's Designer Underwear and His Wife's Designer Underwear. The Thing found out that he had mold growing between the plates on his Armpits so he bought cow poo deodorant. Which is actually a great sunscreen .
Then he grunted and fell on his Face.

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