Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing in the Mountains

Wouldn't it be stange if 400 people from your town went missing? Would you wonder where they were? Well this really happened in Tawain after a mudslide so people were evacutated to China.
"The mudslide covered a large part of the village including a primary
school and many homes," said resident Lin Chien-chung. "A part of the mountain above us just fell on the village."
Would you be scared if parts of a mountain fell on your home? Well, if no one was in your school I guess that would be alright because you could skip school, but imagine if people were inside it. In situations like that, it's complete chaos! People screaming, helicopters buzzing, parents looking for children, children for parents. Many rescue workers helped evacuate scared young children.
So, although we love to slide in the mud with our fudge umbrellas, we'd rather mud to stay off of us!

This is Neko and Teko reporting from sliding in the mud. Oh, And remember to always dig in the mud to see if you can find someone's shoe.

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