Friday, July 31, 2009

UnPlanned Vacation: Shipped Out

"OMG! It's huge!" Teko cried out as we pulled the vehicle into harbor. We had been planning this vacation together for a long time. We decided to go on a cruise, We took a plane to Australia, Where we would be getting on the cruise ship, Then the ship would sail along the Indian Ocean for two weeks! "What's the Ship's name?" Neko asked.
"The Explorer of the Seas, kinda lame... For a name, I would have personally named it Neko and Teko's Adventure Sea Expedition." Teko explained.
Soon, we got on the cruise ship. "This is as big as the Titanic!" We exclaimed.
After we unpacked the ship set off. With over 200 passengers, not only like 1000 rooms, But also a waterpark, gym and a spa. (and much more) Teko pulled out a water proof bag and put her laptop in it. "Why did you bring a waterproof bag?" Neko asked. "Doesn't hurt to be pepared does it?" Teko replied. We loved the ship. After a while, we headed to upper deck where we observed the water. Then that's when our perfectly planned vacation took some unplanned turns. "Come on. Take a picture of me in this blow up boat for the emergency things." Neko begged. Teko had taken the laptop with her for some reason and put it in the boat. "Hey, I want to come in." Teko crawled into the boat. Teko accientally tripped over a little wire. Then the boat started to lower into the water. "great." We said at the same time. After yelling for help our cries were muffled by the sound of the boat and the talking people. "Looks theres land." Teko called out. Over around a mile away was some land. We started paddling with the two wooden paddles in the boat. Finally we got to land. China? We gasped as we looked ahead.
To be Contiuned!

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