Monday, October 12, 2009

The Stone Of The Wolf

Everyone This is a short Story Written By Neko. Enjoy!

I’d just settled down on the couch when the doorbell rang. Annoyed that I had to miss even a second of iCarly, I got up and yanked open the door to find…no one. Great! I thought. Stupid little kids pulling pranks! That’s when I saw it: a small box with my name on it, sitting on the doormat. I picked it up and carefully took the top off, then peered inside, curious. Whoa…
A necklace: It was a thin silver chain with a charm. The charm was a smooth stone with a very strange marking on it—a swirl. I put the necklace around my neck. I traced the engraving and followed it to the middle with my finger. Then the swirl started to glow. Powder came out of the necklace and flew into my body. I felt a burst of freezing coldness go through my body.

I then felt something growing. My jeans and T-shirt were now a silver dress, down to my knees.It was the color of moonlight. My simple sneakers were now fresh silver boots that looked like they had just been on the runway.

I looked at my reflection in a puddle on the street. I had changed. I saw a girl with silver hair, grey wolf ears, and a grey wolf tail. I felt my head…wolf ears. What had happened to me?

I looked like some freak—a mutant wolf girl. I paused as I took out a note from the bottom of the box. It was written in delicate letters: “You must use your unique abilities to fight the aliens; you now have the genes of Grey Wolf.”

Okay, I thought, that explained the wolf ears and tail! But what aliens?

I gasped. A lizard-like creature was in front of me. It was huge and had fire-red eyes that seemed to drill holes into the street. There was another note in the box. It said, “Moon Echo.”

“Moon Echo?” I wondered out loud. A silver rod appeared in front of me.


“Moon Echo!” I yelled.

Pure energy shot from the rod. I could feel it vibrating. The lizard creature screeched and then dissolved. I had defeated it.

A figure appeared in front of me. It was a boy, and he looked around 18.

“I am Ryan,” he said. “You are the chosen one. As you already know, you have the genes of Grey Wolf. You must protect this world from aliens who wish to make the earth their own. Once you defeat all the aliens around you, you will return to your normal form.”

As if on cue, I returned to normal. Ryan disappeared.

I guess I’m a hero now! I thought.

I was excited, yet scared. The fate of the world depends on me—just one wolf girl. I won’t let Earth down.

A calm wind blew my hair like a thank-you. The sunset and wind calmed my nerves. Just then, I realized I had missed iCarly!

Well, some things are more important than iCarly…like saving the world!

Hope You Enjoyed it! Neko actually wrote this for a writing contest and won!
Have a short Story? Leave it in a comment! Who Know's Maybe it might get published!

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