Friday, October 9, 2009

Sniffing Wine

Why Do People Sniff Wine? Are you not supposed to drink it? Ok, Your In a fancy Restaurant. The Fanciest We Have been to Is called Swiss Chalet. You see this person in a suit and tie, or fancy dress. Sniffing Wine. WHY DO PEOPLE SNIFF WINE?
This is what we dug up who cares if it's true?
Here is what a Yahoo Answers User said:
When you swirl the wine in the glass and smell it before you sip it's to help you take in all of the flavors better. I don't know if you've had the pleasure of taking in the full flavor of a really good wine like that, but if you ever do you'll know why it's done.
And you don't sniff the cork. When the cork is handed to you you're looking to see if it's dry because it was stored incorrectly or if the wine has soaked through all the way and been exposed to oxygen.

Ok, But, You Know what's it's really for? It's for people who got $10 Bottles of Wine.
THAT IS So EXPENSIVE. They do a big deal of it to sniff it to show how rich they are. They try to show how they like to kill their bodies in Alcohol though they probably have it all the time. Ok, Having just a glass a day is not bad. But, If you drink and drive that is bad. Even though probably you should not drink a bottle a day. THAT'S NOT GOOD!
Oh Ya, Bottom Line: Sniffing Wine is for Rich People. They should be spending their money on better things like "Paying Taxes" (Got that From Monsters Vs. Aliens) (Had to say it)
I know in your minds and hearts you have always been wondering why people sniff wine.
I am glad no one in my family drinks beer or wine while driving! I am never going to drink wine or beer while driving because it could cause an accident.
This is Neko and Teko Like NOT Sniffing Wine!
IT'S WEIRD! ONLY EUROPE PEOPLE SHOULD DO IT! Sorry, Had to say that it's from The Europe people drinking wine movie!

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