Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why We Should Not Eat Gum!

Now you are probably like WHAT???!?!??!?!?!?! Why should we not eat Gum?
Gum is awesome! (Clears Throat) You didn't read the title properly did you?
It says, Why you should not Eat Gum! Now that is all cleared let us actually report?
Thank you! Remember to Read Titles Better!

Why You Should Not Eat Gum?

Gum, Is meant to be chewed that's why you don't eat it!

What's the Big Deal If We Eat Gum?

It's just a big deal okay that's why its the title!
If it wasn't big why would we have an article about it?

What Happens if We Eat Gum?

You don't want to ask.

Yes we do!?!?!

Ok don't say we didn't warn you


Who is asking all these questions?
What happens if you EAT gum,

If You Eat gum.....
Let's do another Thingy Thing!

The Gum has just hit your stomach, You feel a jolt and electric pulse goes through you. All of a sudden blue waves come out of your mouth! Why your Mouth? Okay who is asking all these questions? I dunno! Anyway, After the blue waves things....
The Pulse sends a signal to the Guy who sings the Song Cha-Ching. Then he comes in a fat suit and then the guy gives a phone call to Mickey Mouse, Then Mickey Mouse comes with a bread stick and throws it at you! Then the bread stick sends a pulse to wolverine. Wolverine asks if you have beer. You say No! Then he snarls and growls and snarls then picks up a book reads a chapter and goes home!
Then you burp and everyone goes away. Your Gum comes falling out of your mouth.
Then you get another piece shrug and then you feel it going down your throat....It all happens again and again!

Why did you write this? WHO IS ASKING THESE QUESTIONS! Person I am tracking you using 5 year tech now. OMG! I can't believe it the person asking the questions was......
This Guy? His name is Tom?
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Uh? Gum Land!

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