Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Internet: Boys Ages 4-10

Our first site to be reviewed is:

This website is great for those car lovers out there. This site is entirly free! Play games, create a lisence plate, see cool stuff! If you love cars, this is a perfecet website for you. There are loads of games. You can even get a free lisence card in the mail! Get VIP access free. The lisence actually looks like a real drivers lisence with your name and everything.

This is an amazing website for pokemon fans. It gives you every update on the official pokemon series and games. Listen to your favourite pokemon theme songs, search the pokedex, play games, download wallpapers for your computer for free. Explore your favourite pokemon like never before. View the GTS ( Global Trading Station).

On this awesome website, view your favourite super heos and comic characters. Watch all whole episodes; of spiderman, X-men and Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic 4, and many more. Play games like create your own super hero, and many many more. View comics online, shows, videos, games, this is a great site for Marvel watchers.
This is Neko and Teko reporting live from surfing the internet for websites for boys. P.S. If you know of any more cool websites for any age catagory, leave it as a comment please!

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