Friday, October 9, 2009

The Farting Tortilla

Have you ever heard of the farting tortilla? Well first, what is a fart? Here's a defintion: fart- a reflex that expels intestinal gas. And what is a tortilla?: The tortilla is a flatbread made from corn or wheat. So the definition of a farting tortilla is: A flatbread made from corn or wheat the has the reflex of expelling gas.
Why is this article about farting tortillas? Because at a school in Wuffleton, just South of Penguin City, there was a case about a farting tortilla in class. Everyone in this grade 7 class was just busy writing, when all of the sudden there was a big fart! Everyone burst out laughing while the teacher asked who that had been. When no one spoke up, she asked each of them individualy. After going through all of them with no one admitting to the crime, she closed the door until someone confessed. Through all the chaos, no one had noticed a small tortilla sneaking under the door. Later on, tomato prints were uncovered and the mystery began.
We decided to interview Hotsam Von Dok; an eye witness. He was sitting right beside this tortilla. Apparently the tortilla was a girl's next beside him. For privacy reasons we will not mention her name, but let's call her Jill. Here's how the crime went. Here's determinated Hotsam reporting live.
"Well, it was a normally boring day in grade 7. We were all doing Writing, when out of the blue, I hear a loud sound, a fart! Well, I, realizing that the sound came from beside me, looked. And what did I see, but Jill's lunch running away! That's when I burst out laughing! Thanks!...P.S. My favourite word is determinated!
Well, Hotsam, one maore question...What kind of tortilla was it?
"It had socks, tuna, lemon juice, and had a savouring smell. I remember because I asked Jill if I could have just one bite and she said no. Then I asked for the recipe. After that, I didn't ask again!
Well, there you have it folks. And by the way, if you want the recipe, here it is:
  • First, boil socks and tuna.
  • Once its' all mixed together, take it off the stove.
  • Prepare a tortilla and put this all inside.
  • Don't forget to sprinkle lemon juice on top.
  • Before surving, make sure you wear a napkin, this delacasy, though enjoyed, can be messy.
  • Enjoy!

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the tortilla section of the store.

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