Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Pop

Most if not all of you have heard of pop. Pop, like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Crush, and many other flavours. And probably most if not all of you have tried pop before. But have you ever thought, what makes pop pop? How is it made? Can I make it? Well we, Neko and Teko find out today at a Junior High Science Class.


" So class, today we will be making pop," annonces Teacher.

"YAY!" shouts Student.

"Whoohoo!" exclaims another.

"I hate sugar:(" grumbles a student.

" Here is how to make it:

1. Everyone, pick one or two ingredients that can be crushed up or disolved in a liquid.(ex. candy, fruit)

2. Put them in a cup or beacer. Make sure they are no more than 150ml high.

3. Then, turn the ingredients into a syrup by adding water or something else.

4. Once you have this disgusting looking syrup, add carbonated water to it (ask a parent what this is if you don't know)

5.Stir, drink, and enjoy!

"So class, what did you think? Did your pop taste like the pop you buy at the store?" Teacher questions.

"Well, I think the store picks better flavour combinations." comments a Student.

"Yeah. And even though it seems to taste better when other people make it, I still enjoyed the fun experience of making it." tells another.

" Yeah, Well you're lucky. This is why I hate sugar....

I turn into this guy!!!! Boo pop!" exclaims grumbly kid to shocked class.
So, if you make pop, and you actually should, (it's really fun), then maybe only put a little sugar and a lot of veggies! This is Neko and Teko reporting form adding carrots to their pop.
P.S. We really know someone who made carrot pop! It's true! He's the same guy who made upo the word determinated!

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