Friday, October 2, 2009

Everyone Wants To Be A Chick?

Every single Person you know wants to be a Chick! You know what a chick is right? They are baby Chickens! They are so cute and attract your eyes! Also they are great at doing the Chicken Dance! Here is how much Guys Seem to Love Chicks!
At the Chicks Convention:
Tons of Guys Came, all of them together weighing around 54 Tons, Get it Tons of Guys?
Anyway, In the Middle was a bunch of Chicks, Yes, the baby chickens.
Lots of them.....
As in Lots.....
Told you there was a lot!
So, Lot's of Guys were admiring these Chicks! Weird Huh? Do these people work? All they do is go around looking at Baby Chickens? Even Akon was there singing what he though about these Baby Chickens~ Seriously Do people have GirlFriends anymore or are they just dating chicks?

Akon even sang about them! Come on!
Turns out Everyone Wants to be a Chick!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Chicks!

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