Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Internet

Have you ever gotten bored on the internet? Not wanting to do the same things. Knowing of no sites to go to? Well, over the next few days, we, Neko and Teko, will be reviewing different sites. We'll be letting you know everything about them so you will have a few ideas about what to do. We will be doing our first catagorie on girls, ages 4-10.

So, our first review for girls ages 4-10 is There you can play games, shop, decorate your house, play more games, and lots more! Sighning up is not only easy, but all this is free!

Disney's Pixie Hollow is a magical place where girls can design their own fairy avatars and flit about through the forest collecting berries and nuts or earning special badges. There are unique games and plenty of special events and activities to take part in as well. Girls can decorate their own rooms and invite friends to chat. Basic membership is free.

Bella Sara

Bella Sara isn't the same type of virtual world as others on this list and it isn't only designed for girls. But, since it has a definite girl appeal and a virtual world appeal, I'm including it here as another option. To unlock Bella Sara, you purchase collector cards (similar to other card collecting games) that allow you to adopt your own horses and purchase other fun virtual items. Girls can groom, feed, and train their horses, and play cool games. Bella Sara is a nice alternative to girls who are less interested in fashion and makeup.

An obviously popular site for young girls with lots of pink and fluff. is the official site for Barbie, My Scene, Doggy Daycare, Polly Pockets, and Furryville. Visitors are guided around the site by an animated pixie named Pippa. In order to play the games or chat, visitors must join the site by choosing a user name and password, then typing in the child’s and the parent’s email address. alerts parents to everything their child signs up for. There is no charge for joining. Girls can play games and chat. Mattel has posted their privacy policy on the site for parents to review. There is no other FAQ page or informational page on the site. On the game pages, the site states that players can earn points and get cool stuff by playing the games, however it is unclear as to how members ‘get cool stuff’ with those points. Points are easy to collect for young users. The site is also easy to navigate. offers lots of activities and links to other Mattel and Disney sites. The site can provide hours of entertainment for young girls. However, parents and other adults feel the site is ‘blatantly promotional’ of Mattel toys and products.
This is Neko and Teko reporting about Sites for Girls ages 4-10.

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