Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Search For The Toots

The Toots: A Creature or Creatures that are Like Elephants. They are said to come in different Designs. Do They Live? Are They Real? We are going to find out.
We decided to start with the facts. What Do Toots Look Like? Heading to The Internet!
We found some pictures of them!
As you may see there is many different types of them. Here is the story of Toots.
The Toots were normal Elephants, Then They found a magic well and did stuff to themselves.
Our Hard Quest:
We went through the death Pool Of BLOOD! (Pool Of Ketchup) Then we had to answer a hard question to get past to guard of doom.
Question: Do Toots Like Ketchup?
Answer: I don't Know
Guard: You May Pass
Then we found it: The Toots.
Here is how you can find them: www.tootsville.com
There you can become a toots!

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