Sunday, October 4, 2009

How the Leopard Got It's Spots

There are many different theories of how the leopard got it's spots. One of them is that it painted itself. Another that a cheetah was running so fast that it's spots rubbed off onto the leopards coat. Well, we're not here to talk about how THIS leopard got it's spots, but the SNOW LEOPARD.

There are many differences between the Snow Leopard and the normal leopard. The most obvious one is probably their colour and their climate. Why are they different colours? Their coats are different colours because of camoflauge. Just imagine a pure white cat scouring along the trees! And an orange and black cat among the tundra!
These cats have many mysteries about them, but the most mysterious one is probably the question of how they got their spots. There's only one obvious answer, but let's go over the non-obvious ones first.
BOOM! An explosion! The scattering debris consists of pebbles. Those pebbles hit a nearby travelling cat who hisses as they plunge depper into his skin. A cat beside it gets hit too, but a bag of four is also dropped on this cat causing it to turn white. The cats then, terrified of seeing one another, race in opposite directions into places where they would camoflauge best. The now white cat into the first white place she could find and the speckled orange cat into the forest, never to see eachother again.
Another story is that an Ethiopian Native thought his pet was just perfect. The cat didn't think so. He wanted to be like Zebra who could camoflauge if his enemys were after him. Cat didn't want to be the lower hand on the food chain anymore. So one day he decided to ask his native to paint him. The native said sure and took some black ink of the Berry Tree and squeezed it onto his fingers. Then he made spots on cat. The same story is repeated with the setting in the tundra and an Inuit child with a white cat.
Even though we know it isn't real, we, Neko and Teko, have decided to make up our own myth about how the leopard got it's spots. Here it is:
One day, Wolverine drank too much beer. He started punching his cat which caused spots. Then gunny bears took over the world. The End.
God really created leopards though and everything else. But why not make up your own myth? If you have one, post it as a comment. This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Gummy Bear Factory.

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