Monday, October 5, 2009

Wacky Outfits Or Is It Weird Outfits

We/Us/Neko and Teko are bringing you a News Report. This time we are going to see the most weirdest outfits we have ever seen. Some People are going to be like WHAT ABOUT THE TITLE? IT SAYS WACKY OUTFITS OR IS IT WEIRD OUTFITS!
Okay Person writing in Caps. Some people in the culture of jimaodkayfakey a culture that worships pop rocks and pop and urban legends. Finds the word Weird Offensive! So, To suit those of jimaodkayfakey we are going to use wacky instead, but we put weird in the title because some people don't know what Wacky means. Okay Covered!
BUT! Eh Eh? No Questions Till the End Okay? OK! Seriously stop writing in Caps!
We/Us/Neko and Teko got a chance to go to a Lady GaGa Concert. Okay we didn't....
But we got a chance to see apart of a Lady Ga Ga concert on Youtube! Singing A Piano Version of Poker Face. (Not the Best....) She was wearing a most daring outfit. A Bubble Dress. Which you can see in the Picture above. What if the bubbles popped? Sorry had to ask. Some people are complaining because another designer came up with the same idea, but now Lady Ga Ga copied her or something like that.
This is not the Weirdest of Lady Ga Ga's Outfits.

At a MTV Thingy or something. (I don't pay much attention) (I don't really pay much attention) Lady Ga Ga pulled off another outfit. Before you see the picture.
People are starting to go to the mall in public in these outfits. Weird Huh? "Hey Guys!"- really girly voice "I am like Going to the Like Mall in my Bubble Dress!"-same squeaky girly voice. It's a like Outrage! You Can't believe that people actually dress like that.
Here comes the outfit: Warning this may not be apporaite for People who don't like outfit that are wacky which means weird who are under 3 and are lamps

Horrible Runway Outfit, Just came off the line, Some Teens were actually caught wearing it by the Subway.
It was worn by UglyAffitineOutfitdesignerofdoomduh

Some of these people are just so have going of no fashion sense. No Offense, that outfit makes Lady Ga Ga's look like Madonna's. That does not make sense.
UGH! We are so you know by all these ugly outfits. Let's Look at a good outfit and that will relax ourselves. But, People following all these celebs. Can't people have their own style anymore? Instead of buying a cute scarf you saw Hannah Mountana wearing, buy those jeans you secretly wanted. Guys: Buy that Pokemon Card you think would look awesome in your pocket!
If that makes Sense!
Oh Yes. We got a message from the Classifiedkids: We know them. Friends of our cousins. They say sorry to YTV Camp.
Remember Guys! Keep your own Style. Lucky, Neko Is almost better and will be able to go out and report on better stories!
This is Neko and Teko signing out!

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