Thursday, October 22, 2009

Release The 7!

Today Or was it yesterday? Or Last Week? Anyway: Windows 7 was released! Some people are going to be like "I NEED IT" But, sorry Microsoft, we are only buying one copy. Only for the TV Computer because Windows 7 has internet TV! Why? First of all, if you have Vista, You may notice the great programs like Movie Maker, Dvd Maker etc. Windows 7 is getting rid of all of those. Which sucks. I sound like a geek don't I? Fretting over Computers and OPs,
There are some cool features , Cnet Says: "
showing is called Play To, which lets you control media from a Windows 7 PC and play it on other devices, such as a sound system, digital photo frame, or TV. He uses a single Dell laptop to stream media to about seven different screens"
It is much faster, Windows 7 is something that may not be right for everyone, It depends if you prefer speed or features!
This is Neko Out!

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