Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Review of This Year

It seems that the year really ends in June, Instead of having the new year start in January, it should really start in September, But if it ended in June and started in September that would leave July-August as neutral, or a time of discovering ones self.

Well, since we can't change it, lets review how this "school" year was.

You probably experienced emotions such as, being happy, being sad, being confused, being frustrated, being hurt, feeling success, failure, relief, and the feeling of being important, or unimportant.

Feelings pass and fade. As so does the school year, there are probably memories you will keep forever treasured and others that may slowly fade from your attention.

There may have been times you felt like you were being pulled down by gravity.

There may have been times you soared through the sky as if nothing could hold you down.

Some times life may not have been a "lullaby" and times when it felt like it was the sweetest cotton candy.

There may have been times you felt like you were covered in complete darkness:

other times when you felt as if you were in never ending light.

The Thrill of making new friends.
The loss of losing one.
Taking a risk.
Playing on the safe side.

We have all had our days and all had our moments. We have also had our pain. Its your choice to choose to remember the good stuff, the bad stuff, or nothing at all.

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