Monday, June 7, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

48 days ago, On a deepwater horizon offshore drilling platform located in The Mexico Gulf, a cap bust, or came undone on the floating oil rig. So imagine an tube sucking oil, basically that "tube" broke, so now 1,900,000 to 16,000,000 litres Is now pouring into the ocean every day,
The Oil is killing thousands of animals. Experts worry that the toxic oil may drive some endangered species into exctintion, Not to mention that fishing and swimming areas have been shut down.
After 48 days of having millions of litres pumping into the gulf mexico
, (Some of the oil has already reached European Sea) BP the company, has decided to take action:

"Estimates suggest between 1.9 million and four million litres of oil a day are escaping from the well, which lies beneath 1,500 metres of water and has so far resisted a series of efforts to scoop up or stanch its flow. Cognizant of past failures, BP has moved slowly with the containment effort, although a company spokesman said that further “optimization” is expected to increase the amount of oil captured in coming days.

Experts in drilling and offshore technology said it’s unlikely BP will be able to completely stop the flow of oil, since it needs to continue moving some oil through the wellhead to prevent seawater from entering the cap, which does not have a perfectly tight seal with the well equipment. If the deep, cold water enters the cap, it will come into contact with the natural gas flowing with the oil to form ice and slushy hydrates, which could block the flow.

BP, which has already spent more than $1-billion (U.S.) on efforts to cap the well, clean up affected areas and compensate those affected, is still working on two further steps to increase the amount of oil it is siphoning and to make the system more robust in case of a hurricane. The first of those, which will help it suck up more oil, should be in place by next weekend, said Mr. Hayward, who said he would stay on until the crisis is over, rebuffing calls for his resignation."

Nathan Vanderklippe

From Monday's Globe and Mail

Even if the Oil Spill is stopped, the lives taken, and the animals, and the purity of the oceans will never return.

"This is 48 days after the oil industry that likes to tell the world it is very smart, has proven it really hasn't a clue as to how to stop the flow." joe bloagh

Quotes from
Globe and Mail

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