Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Respect-Does This Generation Lack It?

Whether its driving, or work. You either see a person swearing or giving the finger if your too slow. Or someone being mouthy at work. Sometimes its a teenager trampling an elders bags. Those are all signs of Disrespect. Or Lacking Respect.
It seems like this generation is lacking respect. Edit: It seems that this SOCIETY is lacking respect. It seems that sometime from the "good old days." and now a switch was flung and respect and care was removed.
I'm not saying people don't care anymore. I'm saying a lot of them don't! Why? Because people only care about themselves.
In this world, they only look after themselves.
Some people complain that there is lack of respect to women or certain races. It may be due to a person thinking they are Superior than a certain race, or gender.
But, What makes the society care only about themselves? It seems that the reason kids don't care, isn't really the kid's fault, its the parents. When the parents don't show respect, or only care about themselves, the kids learn that that is the right thing to do. Its also sad to say that respect is not the top priory of parents teach their kids these days. Another reason might be role models. There is too many that aren't good ones.
Do the famous stars you see sing about helping other people? Do they sing about caring for other people?

No. So, this can also get into the kid's heads: "This is cool! Helping others is not!" etc. It may not be that exact message, but it could be a message that affects the priorities of the kids.
Media, a lot of new kids shows these days are about stuff like "Blue, Green, Yellow."
And Not about helping others.
There have been complaints about a certain population that lacks respect. Teens. It seems that teens lack the most respect of all the population. *
Doesn't apply to all teens*

Well since the worst trouble a kid can get into at school and home is being yelled or being suspended, than they know they can't really get hurt so they do what they want. In their opinion suspension isn't bad at all, you sit at home doing whatever you want to do, so really you are getting your way.

"I blame the government for the lack of respect from teenagers because if parents do to our kids today what our parents did to us, which is good old- fashioned spanking, the parents can get into trouble with the Child Protection Services. They actually run the risk of losing their children due to "abuse" and can be even thrown in jail for it! If the Child Protective Service officials had hidden cameras installed in a house for a month, the parents would probably be applauded instead. "

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