Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Musique a la Fantabulous' Contest

Now, by looking at the title of this post, you may just think I'm crazy. Well, that's up for your own perception. Music is a fantabulous thing. You may think fantabulous is not a word: It means "magnificent, marvelously excellent." (

There are many different types of music. It would take too long to get into all of those right now, however. But one of the ways of making music is through instruments (clarinet, piano, saxophone, drums, guitar....... the list goes on).

Another way to make music is through your voice. There are many great singers and some not so great ones. Everyone has different styles and everyone can sing. Just because someone doesn't like the way Justin Bieber, for example, sings, it doesn't mean that he is an awful singer.

I am writing this post because I love all different types of music and ways of making it. Do you? Well, you can send in a video of you making music in anyway you like. Then they will be judged for a winner. The winner will get to have their music posted on the site where professionals may see it.

Here are some guidelines for your video:

1. Any age is allowed

2. Put your first name and age.

3. All submissions are due by June 29

4. You must be in the video

5. You must be the one making music

6. All vids. must be appropriate.

7. You may record yourself if you want privacy so that we cannot see you.

8. There may be a group if you like.

9. Make a music video if you want to earn extra points.

10. Have fun making music!!!!!

Send all submissions to

This is Neko and Teko signing out. Bing!

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