Monday, June 28, 2010

Poo: Is it Useful?

If you really think about poo, you may find many names for it: manure, feces, dung, crap, fecal matter, droppings, bum nuggets.... you get the idea. Yes, this article is beginning to sound gross. But did you know that poop is used all around the world to do good?
Have you ever drove past a field that smelled horrible? Animal poop is often used as fertilizer. This is because, using a cow for example, they eat the grass. Once eaten, it is digested. Then pooped back into the ground. (Cow) poo is full of nutrients as well as a lot of other kinds.
Feces from animals such as cows, bison, and camels, are used in some places as fuel. When dried out and burned, it acts sort of like oil in our cars.
Animal dung is occasionally used as a type of cement for making *adobe mudbrick huts* (for more info on *** see Wikipedia).
Cow pat throwing and camel dung throwing contests can be popular sports and games involving poop. Do not try these at home however- your mother may get upset. However, here is a poo recipe to try on your own:

1. Eat at least 4 asparagus.

2. Add some mashed potatoes or whatever else you like with asparagus. Avoid onion or the whole experiment may be 'smelled' away.

3. Play a game outside or do something fun while your body digests the asparagus. This should take about an hour however it varies.

4. Once finished digesting, go sit on the toilet and poop.

5. Poop is not involved in this activity unfortunately.

6. Smell your pee. If the smell is strong, the experiment worked. If it smells regular... its a fail.

7. Why does your pee smell funny??? Look it up on Google yourself.

As you now know, poop has many names and uses. Respect other cultures and the uses they have for fecal matter. Well, that's the end of this article about poop. The End. Good-bye. Period. Poo!

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the toilet.

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