Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook To Start Charging?

There has been a rumor floating around "Facebook will start charging." The Estimated price is $4.99... But, will Facebook start charging? Will we have to pay to use facebook? NO and No. Facebook will start charging when Google starts charging per search, So those of you holding your breath you can give a sigh of relief! Why won't facebook charge?
-No one will go on
-No one will pay
-They will be shooting themselves in the foot
-they will lose "partnerships"
-They won't have the title of World's biggest networking site
Facebook charging might have been an idea looked at. But its not going to happen!
So all you facebook junkies can relax!


  1. yah agreed btw its nicole zwier i think my and jenna are going to do the music video also facebook charging is stupid buth i ribfest tonight this is a awesome web site and facebook charging is bad everyone wouldn't log on and pay so yah bye bye lol oh rachel i mean lal hahahahha

  2. heeeyyy. me and nicole are sending you a music vdeo. hope you like it :)
    nice site by the wayy :D


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