Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Is Justin Bieber So Popular?

If you haven't heard of Justin Bieber, than you were probably underwater for the past year or so.
He's everywhere! He takes up the covers of magazines! Is it because of his "Good Looks?" Actually its a more simple marketing strategy.
Justin's Image:
-Dreams can Come True (He rose from youtube)
-Every Girl is beautiful
-He is every one's boyfriend
-He makes you feel important (He couldn't get here without you)
-He loves girls
-Writes on twitter "Can't wait to meet all the beautiful girls" etc.

Globe and Mail Comments:
“Bieber Fever” has infected a global fan base of teens and tweens who worship him with glitter-painted signs and embryonic lust. They've pushed sales of his first album, My World, to nearly 150,000 in Canada and more than 1.35 million in the U.S.
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Here are some facts about "Justin Bieber"
  • He placed second in a singing contest in Stratford, Ontario (population 30,000) sponsored by the YMCA.
  • Undeterred, his mother posted videos of him singing at home on YouTube.
  • Kaitlin Lennox, then 11 years old, forced her music industry father to watch them.
  • Her father called some associates at Universal in the United States, but he learned that they were already tracking Justin down because a music marketing guy name Scooter Braun was “trolling YouTube” and clicked on a Bieber video by mistake.
  • Twitter and YouTube have played major roles in his success. In fact, the word “YouTube” was used nine times in The Globe and Mail story as was “Twitter.”
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All companies are trying to get a bite of him, because if you have " Bieber" in your ad or commercial you get all the Biebievers! (Believers!)

Bieber has been in all sorts of commercials, Including PETA, a company against animal cruelty Ad is with a Smiling Justin holding a little lap dog.

What do you think about Justin Bieber?

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