Friday, June 25, 2010

50 Things To Do This Summer

It seems that school/work is coming to a close. We can count on one hand how many days we have left. So, What can you do in summer? You don't really want to do the same thing every day.
So, keep your summer alive with some things to do this summer:

1. Start an hobby!

2. Go to the Beach (Why not?)

3. Pick up a new book series

4. Pick up a manga series (Libraries usually have a section for them A good one I suggest is Naruto)

5. Watch an Anime Series (Lots of Mangas have their Tv Shows you can usually find on Youtube.)

6. Hang with Friends

7. Go to the Mall

8. Go to the Zoo

9. Baking

10. Gather some friends or family and have a Summer Party or Game Night

11. Go to the movie theater or have a Movie Night

12. Take a class (Learn something New!)

13. Go to an event (A Carnival, Canada Day, 4th of July)

14. Sew or knit a project

15. Surf the Internet

16. Create a Blog or website

17. Keep a journal

18. Make a Scrapbook or Photo Journal

19. Write a story/book

20. Write a poem

21. Camping

22. Star Gazing

23. Swimming

24. Water Fight (Fun to do on a hot summer day)

25. Sports

26. See a play

27. Have a BBQ

28. Get a pet

29. Gardening

30. Fly a Kite

31. Play Manhunt or Tag

32. Go on a picnic

33. Host an yard sale

34. Develop a New Talent

35. Make Homemade gifts

36. Make up a dance

37. Make a new friend

38. Go to the Library

39. Read a magazine

40. Go Mini-Golfing

41. Make Popsicles

42.Make a smoothie

43. Make a Full Course Dinner including Dessert

44. Set a New Goal

45. Have a bubble blowing contest

46. Watch a full season of a new TV show

47. Volunteer

48. Buy something new

49. Walk the Dog

50. Make your own "Family" newspaper

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