Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blur-Poking Fun At Mario Kart

Activision has released a commercial promoting their new game "Blur."
The ad is set in a childish racing game, that is similar to the popular Nintendo game "Mario Kart." While the race is about to begin, a racer spots something in the distance, he walks over to the fence to be fascinated by a street racing scene.
A pink blob comes over and says "Racing Isn't about winning, its about making friends!" The racer delivers a swift punch while saying. "Shut it Pinkie!" (I have to admit that part is funny!)

The ad also tells us to "Race like a big boy.," putting down "Family or Childish" racing games. Such as Mario Kart.

All this boasting and tough words might look like a good idea now, but let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt them. Because you might be able to mock a game or even a franchise, but if you don't topple them in expectations, the backfire will be tenfold. And mocking the biggest of them all is quite a task to live up to.
~Daavpuke says

What do you think? Do you think This Blur game will outsell Mario Kart? For more information on this game go to

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