Wednesday, June 30, 2010

G20-There is a Simple Solution

If you've been keeping up with the news, you should know that the G20 has just closed.

The G20 took place in Toronto, Canada this year and cost ed a couple billion.
Also going on was protests, where many cars were set on fire and vandalism happened.

The protesters would go as far as jumping out of the sewers to get to where they wanted to be. There was tons of police for riot control, but they never seemed to get it under control.

600 arrests.

A couple billion down the drain.

Toronto closed.



All so 20 of the world's leaders could chat about whatever they want to talk about. If you look at it, there is simpler solutions...Solutions that would stop the protesting and save money.

Idea #1 Fly them all out into some resort in the middle of nowhere that can only be accessed by plane. (Don't alert the media where it is)

Idea#2 Web Conference, have them all sit at home in their own countries and pull out some web cams. This saves A LOT of money and trouble. A computer programmer could set up a private channel for the leaders. This is taking advantage of today's technological world. To quote my friend: "The G20 is stupid, think about it, a terrorist could fly in on a plane and drop a bomb. BOOM! Killing all the leaders." The G20 security cost $1 Billion to keep leaders safe for three days. This is why they should use the web cam idea! But yet again, our government likes to spend money that isn't theirs, getting rid of the "extra baggage"

Instead of spending $1 billion on leaders (Who are already rich) we should spend it on helping OUR own country, getting all the homeless off the streets. Lets fix our country before sending money off to other countries.

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