Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Much is the Chemical Filled Fish?

This fish is a Guppy. Guppies have long top fins and wide tails.
They come in many colors.
Neko used to have 3 guppies.
They died in the first week.
Soon, We found out why when we visited the fish store where we bought the fish.
"Guppies, are very delicate they are injected with chemicals and shipped in tiny little bags, that are crowded. Plus, they are given lots of medicine so their color will last.
I suggest only professionals handle guppies. I don't think It's right to do that to fish, they are like people, but with fins." A smart Staff member stated.
We both agreed. This is serious, many beautiful fish are dieing every day because us humans, just don't care and want them to be bright colored! Like the Bubbled Eyed goldfish. Breed so bubbles come under their eyes and they can only see up. Why?
So little kids can laugh when they bump into things.
We think it is cruel.

Even wolverine wouldn't be this cruel.
Maybe, Iron man would when he is drunk.
Do you think fish should have to suffer for our amusement?
Sticking needles into fish so they can have bright colors?
Most fish are born with color. Like Guppies and neon tetras. But, Guppies have needles stuck into them, because they cannot see the beauty of the guppy the way it is. Us, Humans always want more, we are never thankful for what we do have.
Fish are silent all they ask for is lakes and oceans that are clean. But, do we listen?
NO! Because we are greedy.
Neon Tetras are born naturally with this color for a reason.
But, when say a fish that is brown to blend in with the sand is died a bright blue and relished back into the wild they have hard chances of surviving because they can not hide from their predators.
Another thing is betas. Aka Fighting fish, they are always put in these tiny tanks that they can hardly swim in.
They can't be kept together because they fight. Some people are so cruel, that they buy Fighting Fish that purpose: to watch them fight.
Betta fish are rarely kept as pets, they are kept in homes are ornaments in these small bowls they can hardly fit in.
If you want a Betta Fish, only buy one and get at least a two gallon tank.
I don't know but I think Betta fish may be injected with chemicals too.
We should just be thankful for the beauty that comes natural to the fish.
Some people also breed fish to death. Forcing them to breed. (I will not mention how they do it)
But it is cruel let's say that.
If you want a fish do lots of research and try to buy one that does not have chemicals in them. Tetras are quite strong. By, keeping the oceans and lakes clean. Not only will the fish live. But, we will be able to have a healthier world too!
Keeping the world Green!
If you have any questions.
Feel, free to leave a comment!
This is Neko and Teko Reporting from the fishie store!


  1. Guppies are NOT injected with chemicals, and neither are bettas. Both are the result of selective breeding. When two fish are bred, the offspring will be a range of colors and sizes due to the random recombination of chromosomes and the interactive effects of the parental alleles. Breeders select the most showy of the offspring to breed together, resulting in another range of offspring coloration/size. Breeders again select the most showy or interesting looking to breed yet again, and after many generations the result is a speckled, showy guppy with a large tail. Also, the wild neon tetra is very modestly colored, with only a small red fleck on its back. The neon tetra you buy in the fishstore has also been bred for a brighter red spot and those characteristic blue streaks.

    As for your argument with releasing a selectively-bred fish back into the wild, of course the fish would be at a disadvantage, which is why this is not a regular practice. The same logic would apply to domestic chickens and dogs as compared to wild fowl and wolves. Nature is doing the same thing as the breeders in selecting for fish that match their backgrounds, for they are the most fit in thw wild and live to reproduce/reproduce the most.

    Really, there's no difference in what breeders do with colorful fish and what happens in the wild. Aquarium-kept fish live cozy lives in climate-controlled tanks and always recieve plenty of food. Compare this with the hardships of a fish in the wild, and I think you'll find fish breeding to be quite humane.

    I do somewhat agree with your bubble-eye goldfish example, but you should also look at the situation more broadly. The breeder who discovered the first little baby goldfish with the random mutation coding for the eye-bubbles could have not let that fish breed. Instead he chose to give it an equal opportunity and today we have a race of fish that otherwise would not be here. From each individual fish's standpoint, they do not know that they are different or special, or that there is anything 'wrong' with them. They are not in pain, or if they are they have been in constant pain their whole lives, and thus do not know what pain is. Either way, they are living out their lives no different from any other fish.

    As for the bettas as 'fighting fish' - the aggression is natural, males compete in the wild for mates and create territories that they defend. They rarely leave these territories, so they are perfectly fine in a tank of only a few gallons. I would disagree with the idea of buying only one, I would get a male and one or two females for companionship and breeding - the males actually build bubble nests and catch each baby fish as it is given birth to, and carry the babies to the nest. It's a quite beautiful side of these fish that most people never know about.


  2. bubble eye goldfish aren't man made they are a naturally occurring fish the bubbles are actually fluid sacs that contain nutrients and are injected with medicine that helps fight defective sac growth. the person at the pet smart most likely didn't know what he was talking about and also guppies don't live very long anyway even in the wild.


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