Saturday, July 25, 2009

The SandWich Guy

The Sandwich Guy?
Who is he?
Well, we are going to tell you!
Neko and Teko are the ones who reported this first!
The Sandwich guy, You don't want to meet him:
We will tell you why later.
The Sandwich guy is bald and wears these ugly dorky glasses.
He can make tons of Sandwiches.
From Gossip Sandwich to Zoo Sandwich.
He is used for punishment. Now we'll tell you why he is dangerous.
Here is the Story of John Sheridan when he met the sandwich guy.

John had been captured for no reason. Just because he had planned to attack earth and kill the President. Anyway, It was his second day of being locked up. John had been shocked many times by the Ugly rubber thing on his neck that smelt of burnt rubber. When John thought it couldn't get any worse....It did. In he walked, With his dorky glasses, and a wrapped up Sandwich in his hand he directed John to a metal chair, This man was the Sandwich Guy, The Sandwich guy sat down and unwrapped a sandwich, he started eating it. Then John said he wanted a sandwich. The Sandwich Guy called over a blue guy and he gave John half of his sandwich.

Why is
The Sandwich Guy so Dangerous?
Because he will call over the blue guy and the blue guy will give you half of his sandwich, Also Wolverine doesn't like the Sandwich guy.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from John Sheridan's office where he told us the horrible Story of the Sandwich guy.

Warning, Don't take a sandwich from the Blue Guy!

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