Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Revenge Of the Wafer Cookies!

Don't let these yummy looking cookies fool you! They may look like a yummy treat but, they have broke almost all the laws!
Okay, some are okay, The ones that broke the laws are apart of R.O.T.W.C. (Revenge of the Wafer Cookies)
We decided to talk to a police officer about this. His name was Bobby Bobtis Bobbilons.

"So, how much laws has these wafer cookies broke?" We asked.
"Uh, almost every one, they have robbed banks, stolen jewels, speeding down the highway..." He explained,
"Wait, How do they do this?" We interrupted.
"They just slide, around, I guess no one suspects a wafer cookie." He said,
"Do they have a weakness?" We asked.
"Oh, ya and a punishment!" He got up and left the room.
He came back in 2 minutes carrying a jar of squirming wafer cookies.
One was Pink, three were white, and two were chocolate.
Bobby Bobtis Bobilons, took one from the jar,
"This is Sweetheart." He said holding the pink one in the air.
"Noooo," The pink cookie screamed.
But it was to late, Bobby Bobtis Bobilons has swallowed and chewed up Sweetheart the pink cookie.
We each "punished" a wafer cookie.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from The police station.
If you see a wafer cookie moving around by itself, eat it or call the police if you are allergic!

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  1. those wafers look good


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