Monday, July 27, 2009

Fans of Zac Efron

Since, We got to see Zac Efron get an award for the best teeth... We decided to have a little "fun."
I can't believe Yahoo and Coca Cola really invest in dumb stuff like awards on the red carpet for the best teeth.
One girl, What was her name? Ya Vanessa Hudgens won an award for the biggest obsession with Harry Potter's nose.
Zac says that he is proud of his award that coca cola bought from dollarama Just for Him!
Plus, Coca Cola invented Santa's red suit. (Sorry Kids, Santa is not real) Celebs confess that they prefer google because, Yahoo is to furstrating and is to weird.
Screaming fans shouted out to "Zacy." Telling him how much they love him.
Once Zac got into his Limo, I decided to ask some girls Why they like Zac.
"I like him when he eats Oreo Cakesters!" She fainted.
"I just like his teeth, I want to squeese them!" An Emo goat said.
Yes, Goats are emo! Well, some are.
Emo goats dip their hair in lemonade!
Zac Efron used to be an Emo goat until he drank his lemonade and ZAP! He got cool teeth and became a star using a new product called. "Become a Star a nator." Phienus and Ferb built it!
We are bored now. The only interesting decent star is Lady Ga Ga and he weird tattos.
Plus, Tattos can give you wings and you can fly off into the Red Bull world where goats fly and snakes drink Red Bull, and when people overdose on red bull they die!
Plus, The Red Carpet, was bought at Dollarama.
So is the New Zac Efron Teeth stickers that you can put on your keyboard!
Hope you enjoyed some of this CELEB dirt!
Plus, I got some dirt Zac Efron stepped on and put it in my coffee.
I don't like coffee but Dirt is got in coffee.
Expecially Celeb dirt!
This is Neko and Teko reporting live from the Red Carpet.
(They have their own gift shop)

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