Thursday, July 30, 2009

With the Inuits and Polar Bears

Have you ever wanted to travel to the arctic? See the large polar bears gleefully playing and the snowy white arctic wolves as a pack? Well, go to the Toronto Zoo's new arctic exhibit. We, Neko and Teko, spent the night in a wigwam surrounded by snow. The male bear was showing off to his girlfriends, who were uninterested, by standing up and showing them his muscles. These bears look like they are white, but in reality, their skin is black!While the Eskimos were beating the drums in a monotonized rhythm, the wolves howled along. In the wild, they will actually eat their entire meal, including the bones!
In the large exhibit, there are also snowy owls. They have great camouflage as they are purely , some with black specks. Like bats, they are nocturnal; they sleep during the day. Neko and Teko both wonder if they snore like dads do!
Polar bears have wolverines abs! Arctic wolves are carnivores! And most importantly, owls snore!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the arctic. ( Where the people are snoring!

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