Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today in Weather...
It will be stormy and have a chance of big banging rock music.
On Tuesday It will be Stormy with a big banging of Rock Music.
ON Wednesday It will be stormy with Justin Timberlake Falling from the Sky.
On Thursday, A big face will appear out of nowhere.
On Friday It will be doomsday!

Anyway today's top story!
Super Man was drinking beer.
Wolverine came up to him and said. "BUB give me back my beer." Wolverine snarled. "No!" Super man yelled. Then he turned into Madonna. Then Wolverine got really mad. I mean really really mad.
Superman farted, then a big face appeared out of nowhere and the world Blew Up.

Okay the World didn't blow up. But it swirled into a chaos of storms and big faces.

Okay so it didn't swirl into a chaos of storms.

The face appeared and took the beer. So Wolverine bought some more beer. (He had stolen money from Iron Man)
Then superman farted and the population went down.
Pokemon people came and started yelling weird stuff. Baguakon (something like pokemon) Came and ate the face.
Thanks for enjoying the Weather.
This Is Neko and Teko reporting about the weather. (It's more Exciting then you think)
If you have any ideas for articles.
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