Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm all Blades and Beer

Wolverine is mad at the ceiling. Well, we think he is...
He is staring at the ceiling.
So, Since Neko and Teko are on Vacation next week and may not be able to report... so we decided to write another article this week so you don't miss us!
Ok, If you read the article below this you know Iron Man was mad at the floor for taking his beer.
Wolverine is really obsessed with his beer. We decided to interview him.
"So, why are you mad?" We asked.
"I'm Wolverine, I'm all blades and beer. Okay, I went to the black grocery store place with smoke, And, (he snarls) They were out of Beer!" He answered.
"So, why don't you go to another store?" We asked.
"Who do you think I am Iron Man?" He snarled. (He snarls a lot)
Then Wolverine did something really weird. He took off his shirt. AHHHHH!
"What are you doing?" A mysterious voice called out. We turned and there was an old lady there. Wolverine made a angry face and shot out his blades. (Like in the picture)
"Don't you point those dirty things at me! Do you wash those things?" The old lady person yelled.
"Listen here Grandma!" Wolverine yelled. Pointing his blades at the old lady.
The Grandma person took out a pink purse and started hitting him.
"Put a shirt on!" She demanded. "Okay Lady! What's your problem?" He snarled (again) "Who are you calling Grandma?" The Lady Said. "What?" Wolverine snarled.
"I can't understand you Logan with all that snarling!" The Lady turned into Emma Frost. "Emma?" Wolverine gasped while snarling. "I'm not Emma, I'm Wynter!" She said. She turned into the girl who sings in the song Sugar by Flo-Rida. Then Flo-rida appeared and started singing. "What is wrong with you people? All I want is Beer!" Wolverine snarled. "Put a shirt on." Someone begged. "Alright!" Wolverine agreed.
"I'm going to destroy a Tv or something..." Wolverine walked out.
"Then some person named Bruno came out and flew a kite...
This Is Neko and Teko reporting from the smoke grocery store place
Remember Wolverine Is All Blades And Beer

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