Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady Ga Ga-Paparazzi

Do you think Lady Ga Ga is tired of the Paparazzi?
We got to Interview her.
"What do you want in your life? What is your goal?" We asked her.
"I want to take one of Wolverine's Abs, and put it in a purse and name it Meap!" She said.
"I'm not that tired of the Paparazzi, I like the attention, and I devoted a whole song to them, so they are not that bad, I don't like that guy in the video though." (see lady gaga's Paparazzi video)
Anyway, The new fashion tread, Wolverine's abs in pets are supposedly cute in purses. Well, You know what they say, Do what Lady Gaga says, Or do they say that?
Ps, Lady Ga Ga dresses weird. Anyway, Don't you love the Paparazzi, they make such good songs about us don't they?
This is the Paparazzi signing out.
AKA Neko and Teko

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