Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Cab and the Dinosaur

We got the chance to hear this amazing story from Zach Cleverland. A taxi driver. We were on the scene. On the side of the road was Zach Cleverland covered in saliva, His Cab was all scratched. "So, Zach are you a taxi driver?" We asked him. "Yes, and an artist on the side." He replied as he took a blob of goo from his hair and threw it to the road. "What happened?" Teko asked. "Well.." He took a deep breath. "I'll tell you." "I was going home for the day, my shift was done, I started up my cab and drove around 2 Cm then this flying Dinosaur came and ate me. I was shocked of course, Soon, I found myself in the stomach of this beast. I knew there was probably only one way to get out. So, I waited and painted a picture. I had my art supplies in the cab. I was covered in saliva too. I painted what the creature looked like. (He gave us a copy of the picture)
Then, The weirdest thing happened. This Sandwich Guy was somehow there, He just appeared, and he called over this Blue Guy who gave my half of a sandwich, which I ate up of course I was hungry. "How did you get a sandwich in here?" I asked them.
"We have little secrets" They said. The blue guy looked like a alien with blue wrinkly skin. The Sandwich guy had these big dorky glasses. I was not very fond of them I admit. Anyway, I started to get worried, I have 5000 kids at home, and I started to miss my office and my regular cup of hot coco. Plus, I was curious, were dinosaurs supposed to be dead? So I asked the blue guy if there was a way to get out of here.
"Oh yes." He took out a feather out of an unknown pocket. I drew it later just now.
It was a rainbow colored. The blue guy then started tickling the stomach of the flying beast. It started shaking and then The Beast burped and out I came.
Then, I realized I was covered in saliva and I painted the feather quickly and I better take a shower." Zach Told us his shocking story.
"Thanks for letting us interview you!" We called out!
"No Problem." He said back.
Well, that was a shocking story of the Cab and the Dinosaur.
Scientists are at work now seeing if it is possible for flying dinosaurs to be alive.
This Blue Guy is popping up a lot. EWWWW! GROSS! Teko just stepped into a big glob of dinosaur saliva. There is a ton on the street. I started laughing. Then EWWW! I stepped in a glob too. In minutes Scientists were swarming us picking up some of the gross globs and putting them in little bags. Probably For tests.
Anyway, Hope you enjoyed this shocking story that we reported on first!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Dinosaur Saliva infested areas on the street!

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