Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turn The Page Tuesdays

This weeks book is Grim Hill by Linda DeMeulemeester, Its actually the first of Four (So far)
Fact: This book is written by a Canadian Author and Won the Silver Birch award

Young Cat, Being 12 years old. Is a fan of soccer, She wants to go to a school on top of Grim Hill,. She gets her chance when a soccer tournament she enters: The Prize being Tuition paid to go to the Private School on Grim Hill. But is the school really what it seems? Its not attended by Humans, Its attended by a sinister evil force. The Soccer Tournament? No prize: Unless you count being trapped for the rest of your life forced to dance in the school to give energy to evil faires a prize?
Cat Investigates and finds out the evil secret, But can she save all the girls, In the school trapped and those on the field?

This book is awesome! It has many twists and turns. Great thing is its not just one. But four, So When your done you can read the next one!

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