Monday, March 22, 2010

Love Comes From The Mind

When you picture Love, You think of a heart. Or a rose. But does love really come from the heart? The Answer is a simple two lettered word.
It comes from the Mind. Love is a complex thing and so is the brain. Don't they work well together? The Brain realeases chemicals which gives you the feeling of Affection and attachment. But why do the symbol of a heart represent love?

1. Because Love is life, according to some, the heart gives you life
2. Because The Heart flows blood, like the love chemical flows through you
3. Because a brain is not the best looking
4. A Heart looks better on a Valentine's card than a giant brain.

Imagine: Its Valentine's Day you recieve a box of chocolates from someone you like. Classmate, Spouse, Fiance etc. Which looks better on the card?

Even though the Second Picture is more accurate...
Love is supposed to be a beautiful thing, and the heart is more beautiful in a eye catching way than the Brain. Plus a brain wrecks your appetite, which is bad for the sales of chocolates.

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