Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turn The Page

This Is the First Edition of Turn the Page!

This week we are taking a look at GONE by Micheal Grant. Also in this series is Hunger (2nd) And Lies (3rd) Coming May.

The book starts right into the storyline, POOF! All the Adults disappear. Well everyone over the age of 14... One thing you notice is At the very beginning beside the Chapter It sasy 299 hrs and 54 minutes. You find out what those numbers mean later. Its the countdown til Sam's 15th birthday. Also thats not all. This event gets a name the FAYZ. Fallout Alley Youth Zone. This thing is. How did it start? GOing to invesigate Sam finds out there is a wall well shield around the whole town. But thats not all! Some of the kids are getting powers. Strange Powers. Also Animals are getting mutated. Snakes with Wings? Coyates that talk? Swimming bats? Then theres the darkness........

Its one of the best books I've ever read! For sure an Thriller keeping you in your seat for a wild ride! You'll want more!

Its not one of those books that is one storyline! Its a bunch in one! It has realistic charaters!

On the back cover of the books it says its for the Age Group Grade 7 up.

Defentally a Good, No Great. No Undescribable! Read!

out of five stars I give it 100!

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  1. havent read it yet but you are probroly over exzagerating the pure awsomeness

    Holly here is a link for a good story



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