Monday, March 15, 2010

Too Obsessed With Celebrities

Are we too Obsessed with Celebrities?
Mostly in Canada and USA celebrities, or Celebs for short Rule our lives. A new movie comes out. Along with that movie comes toys, clothes, Books, Happy meals etc.
Everyone dreams of meeting stars like Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers etc. Nothing is wrong with that. Except that now we are listening to the Stars. If someone is declared Uncool by Beyonce, everyone thinks its uncool. Than if something is declared Cool by The Jonas Brothers than its cool. According to a survey, Canadians and Americans know whos dating who and don't even know the day of their country being formed. It also is interesting to see how many of them are talentless. IT seems that the untalented ones are the ones who are more famous. Exhibit A: Miss, Cyrus
Shes only famous because of her Dad who is a producer and Actor.
More magazines are made and bought, Of one topic: Celebrities and Their Affairs. Shouldn't we care more about things like the Economy? Why are we obsessed with Celebs?
1. Because they are everywhere and on tv
2. Because the Media Tells us to be obsessed with them
3. Peer Pressure tells us that knowing about Celebs is cool
4. (And Most Likely)
Well basically the celebrities are aliens from a solar system on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy and they have been putting a chemical into the drinking water which makes us want to be close to them so that one day all celebrities(aliens) will be able to take over the world very easily and then they will make the human race there slaves. Prepare for the Galactic War with celebrities from your favorite movies and tv shows coming to a city near you. ~Yahoo answer User
What do you think? Are we to obsessed? Should we be?


  1. yes finally someone realized they are from different planets

  2. I am only reading this because I am doing this subject for a school project


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