Sunday, March 28, 2010

Internet Browsers

Google Chrome

Fire Fox
Internet Explorer

But which one is the best? Lets use the CUT the worst one out first technique.

The Throws Internet Explorer out.
1. Horrible Security
2. Horrible Update times. (Internet explorer 7 was out in 2007 while Explorer 8 came out three years later) While for FireFox and Chrome the updates are every two-three weeks.
3. Since 65% of the population uses Explorer most viruses are targeted to affect and infect your computer.

For FireFox and Chrome the competition is close.
Some people don't like how google yells in your face USE CHROME! But for a test of speed. It seems that they both tied.

Both have good security but FireFox takes home the prize.
1. Google Chrome can only be used on Windows, not Mac or Lynx,
2. While FireFox can operate on both.

But for Windows. Some say Chrome, Some Say FireFox.
It depends on the person.

What browser is your favorite?

1 comment:

  1. i hate how chrome dosent work on lynx


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