Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apple Ipod Saved Apple

What comes to mind when you see this symbol above or hear the words Apple? The Mac computer? Ipod? I pad? Apple TV? A delicious healthy snack?

Well what is the Apple Companies special........
Not the Mac. As of 2007 only less than 2% of the Population of North America owned a Mac computer. 1% being lynx. The Rest being Microsoft. Or know as Windows. So as you can see Mac is not that popular. But how does Apple make their money?

The answer is a small light weighted storage device for music.
AKA The Ipod.
But Newer Models can store Videos and Pictures.

The I POD saved Apple.
The I-pod brought Apple into a competition all on their own, They didn't have to compete with Microsoft. By Openning up Itunes the I-pod became unique, being on of the only MP3 players with its own software and store to buy music.

The Ipod Is the best selling MP3 player. And Most well known.

The I-pod saved Apple because Its at a reasonable price. While the Mac for a simple computer is over $1000. Which compared to something that is $500 (Laptop or Windows Computer) ...(What are you most likely to buy?)
There you go:

The I-pod didn't just save Apple they also put them into the Top Companies List.
Below you can see how the I-pods sales have increased.

When they first started, they hadn't dominated the sales. But now they are at selling 60 millions I-pods a year! If not more!
What do you think of the I-pod?

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