Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brand Names-A Status Symbol

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Aerpostale. American Eagle. Nike. Hollister.
Sound familiar? Look familiar? The above names are seen plastered onto the shirts of the population.
Brand names. A status symbol. In this world wearing lets say "Nike" means you have the money to afford it. Its a status symbol like having a Ferrari is. To express your wealth even if you don't have any. Its sad if you think about it. This country worries about not having the right "Status." While in other countries they struggle to even live the next day. As long as they get clothes they are happy. But here we have people who have meltdowns if the shirt is not in their size.

Anyway, you see this mostally in the "teen" population. In high schools if you walk into schools do their shirts say:
Or Walmart? They feel pride wearing brand names because it means they have the money and wealth to spend it on. If you ask them they will spill out some junk "Oh I wear it because its comfy!" No you don't. They are both made out of the same material. Who knows maybe we will wake up and find out that the clothes from walmart and Amercian eagle are from the same place?

Anyway, Brand names are actually a smart idea. The kids walk around wearing it plastered onto themselves, Advertising for the company. Its the best of both worlds! The kids pay to adversite! Its a dream come true for some CEOS. The person who is the lucky CEO of the popular store Lu-Lu Lemon is laughing all the way to the bank. People daily are spending over $100 for a same-as-walmart-quality pair of pants. Why do people buy it? Because they are "someone" in the opinon of society if they own a pair of these pants.
I actually was talking to a girl, and it was the middle of summer and she was wearing a Lu-Lu-Lemon sweater. "It was only $68! And it was 50% off!"
I almost fainted. I'm not saying I'm cheap or anything (maybe I am) but I just have better things to spend my money on than Clothes which get wrecked and lose their value within an easy year! Clothes all have the same purpose "To wear" if one is more expensive that doesn't change its purpose does it?  They all have the same purpose and why care about which one costs more when it all goes down-They all have the same purpose

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