Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Technology-Good and Bad

There is one thing that annoys me: young children with expensive technology.
I've seen 2 year old kids with blackberry's, 3 year olds playing grand theft auto, 5 year olds surfing the Internet. Grade 3's on face book. 
There is also a digital copy commercial featuring a 7 year old kid with an Ipod Touch, they are making portable DVD players for five year olds.

If you think about it back in the `Good old days` When we were young we played pretend or played with stuffed toys or trains. These days kids play with video games, robotic toys, or Ìpods or electronics. It seems that being creative is being sucked out of this new generation.
 Now instead of the kids playing with the toys, The Toys play for themselves. Instead of of the toddler making train nosies, he presses a button and the train makes the noises for him.

There is too much technology for kids these days, Its not just available to teens anymore, its avaible to all children of all ages. The age is getting younger and younger. Boys don`t read comics anymore, they play video games.

According to ABC news`:
The average kid sponges in 2.5 hours of music each day, almost five hours of TV and movies, three hours of Internet and video games, and just 38 minutes of old-fashioned reading, according to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
That adds up to 75 hours of media every week. And that doesn't even include the hour and a half spent text messaging each day, and the half hour kids talk on the cell phone. 

It turns out members of the multitasking generation pays a price for their digital lives on their report cards. Among the heaviest media users, about half get C's or lower in school, while only a quarter of light users report bad grades. 

Technology has saved lives, but it can also be a bad thing, video games, sure they entertain you, but some of the new M rated ones teach little children how to use a gun! Perfect! For those of you who disagree explain how a video-game addicted teen who has never held a gun before can walk into the school and shoot a couple kids dead with perfect aim. How can he do it-hes done it plenty of times before in his game!

See technology can be good or bad. It can save lives-and also destroy them...
But are the companies that make these games going to do anything about it? No. Too much money to be lost!

What do you think of technology.


  1. Its all the parents fault. They have power over their children and can prevent them from being sucked in by technology, yet most don't understand why not to or really don't care.

  2. True. People just care about themselves these days and just put their kids in front of TV, thinking that Teletubies will teach them all they need to know.This makes the parents lives easier, but the long term cost is higher than you think.


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