Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living Lies Online

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The world is full of  social networking sites. Its easy for the average person to create a new identity. A lot of people become addicited o these sites because they can be whoever they want to be. A bookworm can easily post a picture thats not them, and can become a cheerleader or supermodel.
They can write fake "Posts." To make their life more exciting.
To put it short: Teens can create another person, and live in a fantasy world. They can be the person they want to be, or "Do." things they wish they could.

Example: Young Jane Smith lives a boring life. She is average. Never accomplished anything. But online she is Anne Marie LaTravese, A girl living in Paris, Who has stunning looks and is also a model.
See how easy it is to create a FAKE Idenity online?

Theres nothing wrong wtih playing "Pretend." But, sometimes this Fake identiy can lead to computer addiction, trying to get the most time possible in their "Fake Lives." Or even worse Depression, the user might think, "Why can't I be as good?" Or because everything in their lives is "Fake." They might turn to cutting to get feelings, or try to commit sucide because their "Life" is not real so why live it?

Out of  over 7547460 (As of March 2008) facebook ushers, how many of those users put all thought and truth into their posts Or own multiple accounts, living multiple lives?

"But lately, people in the know are whispering that, two thirds of those ‘users’ are individuals with multiple accounts for Mafia Wars, FarmVille, etc. They say in five years nobody will use “Failbook” and that it will go the way of Friendster"~According to  

So when you are online, not all people are what they seem.
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  1. Check out our sweet forum at
    it is all role playing all the time

  2. also second life is a game that people can live a "betterlife" but some users have committed suicide because of it


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