Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day At The Beach

Today it was boiling out. (Where I live it rose up to 47, Or 37, I didn't bother to remember!)
So, I went with my family to the most wonderful "Summer" thing to do. Go to the beach.
Sadly it wasn't all sun n'fun.
I got a little too much sun n'fun and got a nasty sunburn on my shoulder!
Good thing my mother told me of the most wonderful cure to sunburns. No its not a $40 lotion, No its not plastic surgery, No its not Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick, It's a simple natural plant called Aloe Vera. I bought some 'Aloe Vera Gel." It works every time! All you have to do is slap some onto your burn, repeat every couple of hours and BAM! Sunburn is cured!

I had the thrill of building a sandcastle that con sited of four small hills and a leaf in the middle. I attempted to also wade in the cold water, My dad meanwhile was using his fancy "Water" medal detector to try to find gold. No Gold was found, but we did find a silver ring!
While my father was searching for "Treasures." Some teenagers decided to throw some "Sand," at him. I remember seeing one of the kids yelling "Freggan! (One of the kids names)  Come here I have Sick Idea!" After throwing sand, they thought they would be so smart to jump underwater so my dad couldn't see them. The Problem is that they couldn't hold their breath for long and their laughter gave them away. Freggan and Friends also decided to throw sand at little children playing on the beach, because you know, throwing sand into little kid's eyes is tons of fun! Its so sad to see how much respect people lack. 

Another not so fun Sun n'Fun thing I noticed: People wearing Bikini who shouldn't be wearing bikini (Enough said)
Today I definatally brought home some great and not so great memories, a long with sandy toes and a sunburn!
Coming soon:
Funny Gravestones
And other Articles (We'll write about headlines!)

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