Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eclispe-Move Review

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To break down the movie Eclipse into a sentence:
A movie filled with 2 hours of nothing, and with a 15 minute battle scene. The movie was basically 2 hours and 15 minutes of Edward and Jacob fighting over the oh-so-dull and boring Bella.
Even the vampires and were wolfs betray an ancient boundary to you-guessed-it protect the wonderful Bella. In Breaking Dawn we are going to discover that she is the great Lunar Maiden sent to save humanity. If you look at it from a different perspective, Edward is a crazed psychopath-who is over protective of his "Bella" daring. 
I have the admit the special effects were good enough, It is annoying to see that its all about Bella, everyone loves her, they even decided to send an army to kill her!  Some parts were NOT realistic-even for a twilight movie, You know because 5 vampires can kill 50 vampires in a matter of seconds. In the movie it has your overdose of two teens kissing and talking to each other about their emotions. 

And Don't get me started about the acting! The acting was as scary as Robert Patterson is. (Scary) You would think they picked up the kids off the street. 
There is also the storyline, The rock hard skin of the vampires becomes breakable glass, it seems that it is a quicker process to make vampires, you don't have to burn them anymore!
Bella's Slaves+Over controlling boyfriend+Bad acting+The girl who seems to be some sort of god+Crazy Redhead+big round black circle=Eclipse
Won't Bella just die already?
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